More About Me

My Mission

Guided by a deep desire to help reduce emotional and physical pain and suffering and an inner knowledge that we all have within us all the resources we need to heal ourselves- Body Breath and Mind.

“What you are seeking is not outside of yourself…it is already in you!”

My Vision

After many years of studying Western approaches to Mental Illness and ancient non-traditional Mind-Body Philosophies and Practices, I started to envision a more proactive Holistic approach towards health wellness and joyful living.

I started my holistic Health and Wellness Practice Atha Jiva Mindful Therapy and Wellness ahead of the pandemic, offering individualized Yoga Therapy and Holistic Wellness Coaching as well as sharing Yoga Group classes. Since its inception in 2019, Atha Jiva has provided exceptional professional Health and Holistic Body Breath and Mindfulness services that are accessible, and affordable.

The COVID pandemic revealed the importance of prioritizing our Mental Health and Self Care.  knowing that I could make a difference, I pivoted and returned to my roots in counselling and went through the process of applying for my professional license.

Atha Jiva

The Journey Continues

I am Janet Haughton Quarshie- Mindful Therapist at Atha Jiva Mindful Therapy and Wellness & Emerge Counselling Services. I am presently growing my practice so more clients can access quality, Mental Health and Wellness care that they deserve.

I am now a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist practising Telemental Health Therapy in the state of Michigan through online/virtual sessions. This means that I now provide diagnosis and treatment for serious mental disorders while still giving support and expert guidance for what I like to call the dramas and traumas of everyday life.

Offering online services helps to reduce the stigma around mental illness and increases access so that more clients especially those that are most vulnerable and underrepresented in society can benefit from quality care that feels safe, affordable, and comfortable.  I offer services to individuals and couples who are seeking a Holistic Integrative approach to managing stress, mood and anxiety disorders, depression, anger management, behavioural issues, chronic illness and coping skills. Meeting my clients where they are.

My Back Story

After completing my undergraduate degree I was given an amazing opportunity to volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa, where I made a difference in the lives of rural Women’s community groups by providing HIV/AIDS awareness, and education.

My volunteer experience in Swaziland inspired me to want to give more of myself and it led me to Australia where I spent time with Aboriginal Women and Children in the Outback communities in Alice Springs, teaching them lifestyle, reading, and writing skills.

I then returned to Canada to start my graduate degree in Counselling specialising in Rehabilitation Counseling. Shortly thereafter I married my soulmate and we started a family. As I settled into my new role as a wife and a mother with two toddlers we were presented with the incredible opportunity to move to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

The 10 years we lived in India were incredible for myself and my family. It inspired me personally and helped me to realize my professional calling. Leaving India as a Certified International Yoga Teacher, a Trained Yoga Therapist, and Watsu Practitioner I felt blessed and in a privileged position with the tools that are essential to raising the health frequency and healing vibration of individuals.

As a mental health specialist, I am interested in empowering my clients to realize their own inner resources and strengths to transcend the patterns and habits they feel stuck in so that they can live more fully and more freely in the present moment.

Janet Haughton Quarshie

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