How To Cultivate And Infuse Mindfulness In Your Relationship

What Are The Benefits Of Mindfulness For Relationships?

Most people are familiar with the benefits of practicing Mindfulness for lowering stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and supporting our overall wellbeing in many other ways.

Applying Mindfulness to our relationships evokes all of those benefits and more. Simply put, Mindfulness means “the state of being aware or conscious of something”, “to attend” and “stay”.

We can improve the quality of all our relationships whether at work, with friends, acquaintances, or family, by infusing them with Mindfulness. It starts with an acceptance that all relationships require nurturing beginning with ourselves.  Attending and nurturing what is most vulnerable, sensitive, and fragile within us, allows us the opportunity to grow and transform and engage in authentic relationships.


As a Mindful Therapist and Holistic Wellness Coach, I help clients find peace and freedom in present moment awareness as they work towards improving their overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

My clients find that by increasing awareness of their body breath and mind, and by developing non-judgmental acceptance towards themselves the quality of their relationships significantly improves.

Whether they are on the journey of developing self-love or loving another romantically, I ask my clients how they can move beyond feeling love to actualizing love in their daily lives.

Set aside time during the week for a Mindful Relationship Check-in

  • Reserve time during your day for Self-care practices
  • Reserve time weekly for a Mindful Relationship Check-in especially if you and your partner feel disconnected

What Is Mindful Couples Coaching At Atha Jiva?

In Mindful couples coaching at Atha Jiva, we work towards creating a vision of what success looks like in your relationship and make a commitment to take small steps towards this goal. I share tools and techniques aimed at developing new awareness, new habits, and new ways of behaving that can forge a stronger, deeper, and more fulfilling relationship with ourselves, and our romantic partners.

I advise my clients to have a regular relationship check-in routine because relationships are not static; they are always in motion. In some moments, they embody more connectedness, and in other moments we may need to touch base with more mindful intention

I do not offer solutions to conflicts. However, I share skills and tools that you can apply to your daily life that will increase healthy communication, authentic connection, and foster compassion. I also help you to be aware of your unconscious habits and mindset that are not in keeping with your relationship goals. This will allow you to meet your needs while supporting your partner in meeting their needs.

To break out of habitual patterns it is beneficial to have the support of an experienced Therapist or Coach. If you are willing to invest in the time, effort, and resources into your relationship, you can learn to use these skills to build a stable and satisfying mindful relationship.

I meet my clients where they are and together we work towards cultivating more presence, more connection, more non-judgemental awareness of the shared experience that you are creating with your partner.



Janet Haughton Quarshie