What is Watsu?

Watsu and Yoga are both mind-body approaches to wellness. But what is Watsu? Why is it so beneficial Watsu has its origins in Shiatsu massage and is essentially a form of warm water therapy where an individual floats in water at a temperature of 98 F, guided one-on-one by a Watsu practitioner. The Watsu practitioner uses stretching and mobilization techniques based on your personal needs and circumstances. Click here to learn more about our yoga packages.

What Are the Benefits of Watsu?

Watsu is deeply relaxing, making it a popular form of stress management and relief. It is also a go-to for effective pain and anxiety relief and is often a wonderful approach to helping a person heal from emotional or physical trauma. It is a common/effective therapy for those who are: rehabilitating from injury and/or healing from chronic pain. Many who experience Watsu also claim that it promotes a better quality of sleep and improves digestion.

What is the Link Between Watsu and Yoga?

While both are great for promoting deep relaxation and effective stress management, Watsu is also incredibly beneficial to enhancing your yoga practice. It can empower you to master the technique of silencing the mind – getting rid of all thoughts and spending time contentedly inwards without distraction from the outside world. Furthermore, it can aid in improving your breathing, deepening your breathwork practice significantly.

Who Can Do Watsu?

Quite literally anyone can do Watsu, even if they cannot swim. Children with special needs, persons living with a disability, yoga practitioners, elderly people – anyone! Anybody who engages in Watsu will reap the benefits of this special form of water/yoga therapy.

Janet Haughton Quarshie of Atha Jiva is a yoga teacher specializing in yoga therapy, Watsu, MBCT (Mindful-Based Cognitive Therapy) and wellness coaching. She boasts a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is a Certified Watsu Practitioner through WABA (World Aquatic and Bodywork Association) trained at the Quiet Healing Center, Auroville, India.

For information about yoga packages and Watsu with Janet, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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