Continuing The Conversation On Mental Health

United By Emotion | Olympic Fever The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia was the first time I had Olympic ...
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Is It Mehendi Or Is It Henna?

Some Call It Mehendi, Others Call It Henna.. Whatever you choose to call is all the same.  Mehendi is ...
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Three silhouettes of a yoga pose

I Hadn’t Heard Of The Term Third Culture Kids Until I Realized I Was Raising Two Of Them

What is a Third Culture Kid? According to wiki: Third culture kids (TCK) or third culture individuals (TCI) are people ...
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Atha Jiva

Growing My Mindful Practice Through A Global Pandemic – An Atha Jiva Update

I felt on top of the world...Until! This Picture was taken in January  2020 right before the pandemic caused me ...
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