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I’ve always been a seeker and a dreamer with a burning desire to make a difference in the world. This desire motivated and led me on an incredible journey to Africa, Australia, and India.

 It started when I was given an amazing opportunity  as a Canadian Crossroads International volunteer in Swaziland, South Africa, where I made a difference in the lives of rural Women’s community groups by providing HIV/AIDS awareness, and education. 

The Swaziland experience inspired me to want to give more of myself and it led me to Australia where I spent time with  Aboriginal Women and Children in the Outback communities in Alice Springs, teaching them lifestyle, reading, and writing skills.

I then returned to Canada to complete my Masters Degree in Counselling as I have always believed that Counselling and Yoga complement each other extremely well.  Shortly thereafter I married my soulmate and we started a family.

As a young family with two toddlers we were presented with an incredible opportunity to move to Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.  The 10 years we lived in India was incredible in many ways, and a manifestation of my dream to use Yoga as a method of helping people experience the joy of living fully alive.

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Janet Haughton Quarshie

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